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Borders are by excellence spaces of multiculturalism and migration. For this purpose I publish here a very good lecture on migration and development given by Prof. Paul Collier at the Central European University in Budapest:

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New ETC Regulations

Today, the EP voted to endorse the reform of the Cohesion Policy for the next 7 years. More details here: After the adoption of the New EU Regulations on the ETC some other technical steps are needed: the approval of a Delegated Act concerning the eligibility of the expenditures and a Geography Act referring… » read more

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New Silk Road

Back in 2011 the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton launched a new strategy for Afghanistan’s economic development, aimed at making the war-torn country a hub of commerce rather than of religious extremism and strife. This modern version of the ancient Silk Road has some of the characteristics of the Marshal Plan. From this perspective I… » read more

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