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ETC Day 2014

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Joining the efforts to outdo last year’s almost 180 events in 32 countries and 145 cities, the Hungary-Romania CBC Programme is taking part, for the third year in a row, in a Europe-wide campaign promoting the results of European Territorial Co-operation (ETC), with many ETC Day events already announced on the Programme’s website. As before, this will be a chance to promote the best practices in co-operation, exchange experiences and share new and innovative ideas.

Since 2012 and under the co-ordination of European Commission’s INTERACT programme a Europe-wide promotional campaign is organised each September in order to promote the projects realised within the programmes of ETC in order to improve their visibility, make them closer to the local communities and the general public, but also to share the best practices and good experiences among different programmes.

Building on the experiences gathered in the previous years, we are taking this opportunity and invite you to organise events connected to the ECD week not only sharing the achievements of your partnership but also the results of your projects within the local communities most benefiting from them.


Why to get involved? What are the benefits…

• Participation in the campaign will increase the visibility of your projects, for example, in case of a tourism project the launch of an activity could coincide with European Cooperation Day or a rescue/health-care project could perform a demonstration as part of a European Cooperation Day fair or exhibition, but also another project opening/closing event can be fine-tuned in order to fit the concept of ECD;

• Join forces! It’s an excellent opportunity to work together with other projects/local initiatives for European Cooperation Day, and to share experiences and good practices. This could be done through projects located in the same area (common exhibition, competition, bicycle tour, etc.), by theme (tourism/energy/environment projects etc.), or by joining other local/regional festivals, events relevant for your area that are addressing the general public and are taking place in that period (eg. Toamna Oradeana, Kóstolja meg…!” Hagyományok, ízek, nemzetek, Bioritmus Fesztivál in Sóstó, just to name some);

• Bring more creativity and added value within your project! Brainstorm ideas for local events within your organisations and link them to your existing communication obligations deriving from the planned project activities;

• This year, for the first time, all the local events will also get a special mention during the European Cooperation Day’s kick-off event in Milan on 16 September, under the auspices of the Italian EU presidency. The given event will be also an occasion to promote the best videos selected through a contest with the slogan ‘Border issues, border solutions’

Examples of local events from the 2013 campaign, as well as other ideas for local events can be found on the website.

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