Marius Niculae

Ngram Viewer from Google


While reading the new book of Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Kenneth Cukier called “Big Data: A Revolution that Will Transform how We Live, Work, and Think” I have learned about Google’s Ngram Viewer ( According to the above authors, Ngram Viewer “will generate a graph of the use of words or phrases over time, using the entire Google Books index as a data source” based on a process called datafication. In a few words, dataficiation consists in transforming digital information in to data suitable for multiple use. Since this blog tries to discuss topics related to governance and territorial cooperation I’ve took the time to look for both terms and the results are somehow the expected ones. Governance appeared as a concept after 1980 and was boosted by the a gargantuan amount of publications issued by the World Bank and other international organizations. Territorial cooperation however made its breakthrough around 1900 and, for the past 120 years, its usage was highly influenced by the Europe’s convulsive political past. One this is clear though, the evolution of the EU was the engine behind the conceptual promotion and practical operationalization of territorial cooperation while governance remains the avatar of international organizations.


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