Marius Niculae

New ETC Regulations

Today, the EP voted to endorse the reform of the Cohesion Policy for the next 7 years. More details here:

After the adoption of the New EU Regulations on the ETC some other technical steps are needed: the approval of a Delegated Act concerning the eligibility of the expenditures and a Geography Act referring to the geographical areas and the available resources.

It is the next logical step after the yesterday’s approval by the European Parliament of the EU Multi-annual Financial Framework 2014 – 2020. Thus, all the cross-border, regional or trans-national cooperation programmes must identify their investment priorities and finish the institutional design of the next Operational Programme by mid 2014. In this way, we can expect to have the first calls for proposals at the end of 2014, beginning of 2015 in the majority of the ETC Programmes.

Minding the fact that in the next Programming period the EU is shifting its attention towards strategic projects and measurable results my advice for the local stakeholders is to start preparing their draft project proposals, to look for feasible partners and to identity possible sources to ensure the co-finance of such big projects.

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